It’s been about 10 years since I attempted to start a business and failed miserably. Due to a series of unfortunate decisions, I found myself in a situation where I owed money not only to authorities but also indulged in gambling, leading to substantial debts. Realizing my failure, I decided to find a job and have worked as a graphic designer full-time for the past nine years.

In the past, my daily routine mostly revolved around spending time on the computer, sleeping, or commuting between two cities. I was a smoker and a marijuana user. On weekends, I worked as a DJ or a photographer in a club, which led to excessive alcohol consumption. My lifestyle was unhealthy, and I was isolated within my comfort zone.

About three years ago, I started collaborating with a friend to help her with her business. Over time, I developed feelings for her, which initially seemed mutual but eventually didn’t materialize. Despite experiencing love, disappointment, sadness, and anger during those turbulent months, I embraced my emotions instead of suppressing them. My communication with her was honest and open, and we continue to be business partners.

I naively believed I was her life partner for a while, but I soon realized that I was too fixated on her and lacked a life of my own. This realization prompted me to step out of my comfort zone, adopt new habits focusing on sleep, diet, exercise, meditate, and educate myself in personal development, psychology, and biology. As a result, I started losing weight and gaining new confidence.

I hope this blog brings you something valuable, even if it’s just a small improvement in your life. If you wish to show your appreciation, please share this blog with others or help someone else when the opportunity arises. If each of us occasionally does something uncomfortable to make someone else feel better, the world will be a better place.

Enjoy reading 😊 Onward to the blog.

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